PureAdrenaline Men’s Cornice Series Snowmobile Boots – Tech Coil Lacing w/3M Thinsulate

PureAdrenaline Men's Cornice Series Snowmobile Boots - Tech Coil Lacing w/3M Thinsulate

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Stay Warm and Protected on the Slopes with PureAdrenaline Men’s Cornice Series Snowmobile Boots

When it comes to winter sports, having the right gear is essential, especially when it comes to your feet. The PureAdrenaline Men’s Cornice Series Snowmobile Boots are a game-changer, offering top-of-the-line features to keep you warm, comfortable, and protected on the slopes.

Unparalleled Insulation

These boots are equipped with 3M Thinsulate insulation, specifically the B400 variant, which boasts an impressive thickness of 420g/m2. This means that no matter how low the temperatures drop, your feet will stay toasty warm. The insulation also provides excellent breathability, so you won’t have to worry about sweaty and uncomfortable feet.

Ultimate Weather Protection

With a DINTEX membrane, these boots are not only waterproof but windproof as well. This means that no matter what the weather conditions are like on the mountain, your feet will remain dry and shielded from the elements. Say goodbye to cold, wet toes and hello to uninterrupted fun on the slopes.

Effortless Lacing System

The ATOP technical lacing system is a standout feature of the PureAdrenaline Men’s Cornice Series Snowmobile Boots. This innovative system allows for quick and easy adjustments, ensuring a snug and secure fit every time. Say goodbye to fumbling with traditional laces and hello to hassle-free lacing.

Added Convenience and Durability

These boots are packed with additional features to enhance your snowmobiling experience. The back pull-up loop allows for easy on and off, while the wear-resistant outsole guarantees superior strength and durability even in the coldest temperatures. The reinforcement layer and insert provide increased stiffness and reaction, ensuring optimal performance on the slopes.

Preventing Deep Powder ‘Creep’

The PureAdrenaline Men’s Cornice Series Snowmobile Boots also include a D-ring and lower tongue loop, specifically designed for gaiter/cuff strap attachment. This clever addition helps prevent deep powder ‘creep,’ ensuring your feet stay secure and dry even in the deepest snow.

Made for Men

These boots are specifically designed for men, taking into account the unique needs and preferences of male snowmobilers. The fit and design have been tailored to provide the perfect blend of comfort, style, and performance.

Availability and Warranty

The PureAdrenaline Men’s Cornice Series Snowmobile Boots are set to be available starting September 1, 2023. Manufactured by PureAdrenaline, a trusted brand in winter sports gear, you can rest assured that these boots are crafted with quality and durability in mind.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for high-quality snowmobile boots, look no further than the PureAdrenaline Men’s Cornice Series. With their exceptional insulation, weather protection, effortless lacing system, and added convenience features, they are a must-have for any serious snowmobiler. Don’t let cold and wet feet dampen your winter adventure – invest in these boots and take your snowmobiling experience to the next level.

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