FXR Black Helium Speed Boot Anti-Slip Lace Hooks Micro Fur Lining Insulated

FXR Black Helium Speed Boot Anti-Slip Lace Hooks Micro Fur Lining Insulated

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FXR Black Helium Speed Boot: A Game-Changing Gear for Extreme Cold Riding

When it comes to snowmobiling or any other cold-weather adventure, having the right gear is essential. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment is a reliable pair of boots that provide warmth, protection, and traction in hazardous conditions. The FXR Black Helium Speed Boot is designed to meet these demands and more, making it a top choice for riders who value performance and comfort.


The FXR Black Helium Speed Boot features a single anti-slip lace system with molded lace hooks. This innovative design allows for quick and easy tightening, ensuring a secure and customizable fit. No more wasting time struggling with traditional laces – the speed lace system of these boots will have you ready to hit the trails in no time.


The all-new design of the FXR Black Helium Speed Boot sets it apart from other boots on the market. It is engineered to have a positive fit, feel, and maximum flexibility, providing riders with the stability and protection needed for mountain and trail riding. These boots are specially rated to withstand temperatures as low as -60°C, thanks to its 800g insulation.

To enhance comfort and performance, the boots feature a molded inner heel flex insert for backward flex control and impact support. This unique feature offers additional protection to the rider during demanding maneuvers. Additionally, the molded low-profile toe box provides extra toe room while minimizing bulk.

The fixed liner of the FXR Black Helium Speed Boot is lined with micro fur, providing exceptional warmth and luxurious comfort. This soft lining keeps your feet cozy even in freezing temperatures. The boots also have minimal seams in sled-contact areas to reduce any discomfort or irritation caused by friction or pressure during prolonged use.

Durability is a top priority for FXR, and these boots are built to last. They feature heavy-duty genuine rubber reinforcements in high-wear areas to provide superior resistance against abrasion and impact. This ensures that the boots can withstand the toughest riding conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

To keep your pants in place and prevent snow from getting inside, the FXR Black Helium Speed Boot is equipped with a front and rear pant cuff attachment system. This feature allows for a seamless integration between your pants and boots, providing a secure seal against snow and cold air.

The BTO Thermostatic Midsole Insert is another innovative addition to these boots. It offers enhanced insulation and temperature regulation, keeping your feet warm and dry all day long. The FXR high-traction outsole provides excellent grip on various terrains, ensuring stability and control, even in slippery conditions.

Furthermore, the boots come with a toe kick feature that allows you to clean snow and ice from the sole with ease. This prevents any buildup that could compromise traction and cause accidents. The minimal Achilles and calf cushion support ensures a comfortable fit without sacrificing flexibility.


It is worth noting that the FXR Black Helium Speed Boot is not discontinued by the manufacturer. As of the date of this article, the boots are still being produced and sold. This makes them readily available for purchase, giving riders the opportunity to experience the exceptional performance of these boots firsthand.


– Not discontinued by the manufacturer
– Product Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 10 inches; 6.98 Pounds
– Item model number: 210706-1000-37
– Department: Unisex-adult
– Date First Available: August 13, 2020
– Manufacturer: FXR

In conclusion, the FXR Black Helium Speed Boot is the ultimate choice for riders seeking top-notch performance, comfort, and protection in extreme cold weather conditions. With its unbeatable features such as the anti-slip lace with molded hooks, HydrX Pro Membrane, and superior insulation, these boots provide everything you need for a successful and enjoyable ride. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – invest in the FXR Black Helium Speed Boot and take your winter adventures to the next level.

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