NIKE Men’s Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU

NIKE Men's Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU

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About Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU

When it comes to athletic footwear, Nike is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and reputable brands in the industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a go-to choice for athletes of all levels. One of their standout offerings is the Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes in size 10.5 AU. These shoes, with their superior design and comfort, are a must-have for any sports enthusiast or active individual.

Package Dimensions and Specifications

The Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU, have package dimensions of 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches and weigh approximately 14.11 ounces. The item’s model number is 924453-100, and it falls under the men’s department. These shoes were first made available on April 11, 2019, and their ASIN is B079VWNR5W.

Design and Construction

Nike has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge design, and the Men’s Athletics Shoes are no exception. The model, with its sleek silhouette and high-quality materials, exudes style and performance. The upper is crafted from a combination of breathable mesh and synthetic materials.

The air steam MAX Plus features Nike’s patented Max Air cushioning technology that provides excellent shock absorption and comfort during high-impact activities. The shoes also have a rubber outsole with multidirectional traction patterns, ensuring stability and grip on various surfaces.

Comfort and Fit

One of the most crucial factors when choosing athletic shoes is the level of comfort they offer. The Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU, excel in this department. The plush cushioning and padded collar provide exceptional comfort, making them ideal for long hours of wear or intense physical activities.

The shoes are available in size 10.5 AU, catering to individuals who require a slightly larger fit. However, it is always recommended to consult Nike’s size chart to ensure the perfect fit for your feet.

Performance and Versatility

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, the Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes deliver exceptional performance. The combination of the breathable upper and cushioned midsole allows for excellent airflow and shock absorption, reducing fatigue and enhancing your overall performance.

These shoes excel in various sports and activities, such as running, gym workouts, and outdoor adventures. The robust rubber outsole with its traction patterns provides excellent grip, giving you the confidence to push your limits without worrying about slipping or losing control.

Durability and Longevity

Investing in a high-quality pair of athletic shoes means ensuring their longevity. Nike is known for creating durable products, and the Men’s Athletics Shoes are no exception. The materials used in their construction are of premium quality, designed to withstand the rigors of daily training and demanding physical activities.

Additionally, the shoes’ overall build and reinforced stitching enhance their durability, allowing them to withstand frequent and intense use without showing signs of wear and tear quickly. By properly maintaining these shoes, athletes can enjoy their performance benefits for an extended period.

Style and Aesthetics

The Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU, combine functionality with stylish design elements. The sleek silhouette and choice of colors make these shoes a fashion statement both on and off the field. Nike’s iconic Swoosh logo is prominently displayed on the shoe’s upper, adding a touch of brand recognition.

Whether you prefer a classic monochrome look or a vibrant color combination, there is a style available to suit your personal taste. The air steam MAX Plus in the reference model 924453-105 is particularly eye-catching, with its clean white base and bold accent colors.

Price and Value

Nike is known for maintaining a balance between quality and affordability, and the Men’s Athletics Shoes fall within this category. While these shoes may have a higher price point compared to some competitors, they offer excellent value for money. The superior craftsmanship, comfort, durability, and performance make them a worthwhile investment for any athlete or active individual.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews of the Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU, have been overwhelmingly positive. Many customers praise the shoes’ comfort, stating that they provide excellent support and cushioning during workouts or everyday activities. The versatility and stability offered by these shoes have also been highlighted by numerous users.

Some customers have commented on the shoe’s durability, stating that they have lasted through months of regular use without any notable wear or tear. The stylish design and attention to detail have also received praise from users who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics.


The Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes, 10.5 AU, are a top-of-the-line choice for athletes and active individuals who prioritize comfort, performance, and style. These shoes excel in all areas, from their superior design and construction to their exceptional comfort and durability.

With Nike’s reputation for excellence and innovation, it’s no surprise that the Men’s Athletics Shoes deliver on their promises. Whether you’re hitting the track, the gym, or the streets, you can trust Nike’s air steam MAX Plus reference 924453-105 to provide the necessary support, stability, and style to help you perform at your best.

Investing in a pair of Nike Men’s Athletics Shoes is an investment in your performance and overall well-being. So, lace up and experience the difference these shoes can make in your athletic endeavors.

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