Columbia Women’s Plateau Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Columbia Women's Plateau Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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About Columbia Women’s Plateau Waterproof Hiking Shoe

The Columbia Women’s Plateau Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a versatile footwear option for women who enjoy various outdoor activities. These lightweight sneakers are not only waterproof but also offer exceptional support and all-day comfort. Whether you’re hiking, walking on rainy streets, or exploring gravel paths, these shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Additionally, they are scuff and mark-free, making them suitable for indoor wear as well.

The shoes are constructed with breathable textile and synthetic overlays, which enhance their durability and support. The use of Omni-Tech materials and construction allows for breathability while keeping water out, ensuring that your feet stay comfortable in any weather condition.

Columbia understands that women have different style preferences, and they offer these shoes in multiple colors. So, you can choose a pair that matches your personal style. What’s more, the shoes are designed to provide a true-to-size fit, giving you the confidence to order the correct size online without worrying about returns or exchanges.

Features and Benefits

1. Waterproof and Breathable: The shoes feature Omni-Tech materials and construction, making them fully waterproof while allowing your feet to breathe.

2. Lightweight Construction: These sneakers are lightweight, ensuring that you can move freely and comfortably during your outdoor activities without feeling weighed down.

3. Supportive and Comfortable: The combination of breathable textile and synthetic overlays provides exceptional support and comfort, allowing you to wear these shoes all day without discomfort.

4. Scuff and Mark Free: The materials used in the construction of these shoes make them resistant to scuffs and marks, so you can wear them indoors without worrying about damaging your floors or carpets.

5. Versatile Design: Whether you’re hiking, walking, or running errands, these shoes are suitable for various activities, making them a great addition to your footwear collection.

6. True-to-Size Fit: Columbia has designed these shoes to offer a true-to-size fit, so you can confidently order your regular shoe size without any guesswork.

Product Specifications

– Package Dimensions: 10.98 x 7.56 x 4.8 inches

– Weight: 1.74 pounds

– Item Model Number: 1987102

– Department: Women’s

– Date First Available: October 21, 2021

– Manufacturer: Columbia


Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased and worn the Columbia Women’s Plateau Waterproof Hiking Shoe have consistently praised its performance and comfort. Many reviewers have highlighted the shoes’ ability to keep their feet dry even in heavy rain. The breathable design has also received positive feedback, as it prevents sweaty feet during extended wear. Additionally, customers appreciate the lightweight construction, which allows for easy movement and reduces fatigue.

The supportive nature of the shoes has been highlighted by women with various foot conditions, such as high arches or plantar fasciitis. They have reported experiencing reduced discomfort and improved stability while wearing these shoes.

Furthermore, customers value the versatile design of these shoes. They have been used for hiking trips, walks in the city, and even as everyday casual shoes. The true-to-size fit has been praised by many buyers, as it eliminates the need for size adjustments or exchanges.

In terms of durability, customers have expressed satisfaction with the shoes’ ability to withstand different terrains and weather conditions. The scuff and mark-free feature have been commended, as it allows for worry-free indoor use.


The Columbia Women’s Plateau Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a reliable and comfortable footwear option for women who enjoy outdoor activities. With its waterproof and breathable design, supportive construction, and true-to-size fit, these shoes tick all the boxes for a versatile and reliable outdoor shoe. Whether you’re venturing into the wilderness or simply running errands, these sneakers will keep your feet dry, comfortable, and free from scuffs and marks.

Investing in a pair of Columbia Women’s Plateau Waterproof Hiking Shoes will not only enhance your outdoor experiences but also provide you with a stylish and reliable option for everyday wear. With multiple color options available, you can find a pair that suits your personal style and enjoy the benefits offered by these high-quality shoes.

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